Day 1: Moss covered bricks tell stories of ancient
Day 2: Civilizations lost and forgotten;
Day 3: Of Kingdoms left in ruins; and of castles
Day 4: Laid low before the world. All that once was
Day 5: Has fallen like the footsteps echoing
Day 6: Down these abandoned corridors into
Day 7: The heart of discovery. Seldom are
Day 8: These hollow halls remembered, let alone
Day 9: Unearthed by unexpected travelers.
Day 10: The whispering forest and lingering
Day 11: Breeze are stirred by their approach. Like guardians
Day 12: They swing their gaze, with intention, toward those
Day 13: Penetrating the silence. With eyes wide
Day 14: And hearts aglow two eager explorers
Day 15: Edge toward the unknown. Their steps carry more
Day 16: Than picnic baskets and blankets, by their
Day 17: Steps dreams are woven into reality
Day 18: And imagination intersects the
Day 19: Present like a sunset fading into
Day 20: The horizon. The world stands before them
Day 21: Like a story, being told and remembered
Day 22: Concurrently as each breath is taken.
Day 23: Cautiously, both walk beneath the arching
Day 24: Gaze of the vigilant protectors, careful,
Day 25: Like a silent wind across a lake, to
Day 26: Disturb as little as possible. They
Day 27: Tread upon the earth as if it is glass
Day 28: With shimmering, unbroken, reflections
Day 29: Dancing, hand in hand, across the surface.
Day 30: Starring into the glade both breathe in, with
Day 31: A sense of profound awe, all the beauty
Day 32: Unveiled – like an entrusted secret at
Day 33: its first telling – in their midst. This is not
Day 34: The scene they had expected to enter;
Day 35: Nor the setting they had envisioned. The
Day 36: Essence of this newly discovered realm
Day 37: Dwells beyond their thoughts and senses; beyond
Day 38: All reality and reason, like the
Day 39: Recollection of a dream as wakeful
Day 40: Eyes give birth to the morning. Side by side,
Day 41: They stand: a boy named Jeremiah and
Day 42: A girl named Antonia – when they are
Day 43: Together she calls him Jer and he calls
Day 44: Her Nia. The Birds sing at their approach.
Day 45: They whistle beautiful tunes, that mankind
Day 46: Could never reproduce – in word or in
Day 47: Song, as vines cling to the ruins, holding
Day 48: Together the last tangible remnant
Day 49: Of legends and myths long since forgotten.
Day 50: With precision the sun tarries across
Day 51: The vibrant afternoon, like the hands of
Day 52: A pocket watch intending to predict
Day 53: The arrival of the next train at the
Day 54: Station. The day unfolds like the blanket
Day 55: Stretched across the abandoned window sill
Day 56: Where the wandering couple seat themselves
Day 57: To converse about the ruins, over
Day 58: A picnic lunch. “If you could imagine
Day 59: Anything right now, this very moment,
Day 60: What would it be?” says Jeremiah as
Day 61: He pulls items from the basket like a
Day 62: Magician pulling a rabbit from his hat.
Day 63: (He’d play the part well, but for his lack of
Day 64: Top hat and suit coat – a respectable
Day 65: Magician would never preform in blue
Day 66: jeans and flannel). The question hung in the
Day 67: Air, like a cloud shifting and changing with
Day 68: The wind, as Antonia intently
Day 69: Searched for the shapes they chose to resemble.
Day 70: Each shape seemed blurred at first, but with a slight
Day 71: Adjustment the essence of their contours
Day 72: Came rushing into focus. As she probes
Day 73: The invisible she wears her thoughts like
Day 74: A veil that covers her contemplative
Day 75: Expression. She is always quite careful
Day 76: About the words she lets slip from her mouth.
Day 77: Each and every syllable of each and
Day 78: Every word holds a distinct weight to her.
Day 79: To say too little would keep nothing fixed
Day 80: To reality, but to say too much
Day 81: Would leave no room for imagination.
Day 82: So she speaks only when she is sure of
Day 83: The depth and meaning of the words spoken.
Day 84: As she searches for the proper arrangement
Day 85: Of words her thoughts mingle with the rubble
Day 86: Of a palace that captivates her
Day 87: Mind completely. She stares into its core
Day 88: As if it is a mystical portal
Day 89: Reaching into the recesses of a
Day 90: Reality that borders the edge of
Day 91: Fantasy and a fantasy that clings
Day 92: To the fringes of reality.
Day 93: “As I gaze into these ruins,” says Nia
Day 94: “The whole world seems to be growing within
Day 95: My mind like a kingdom in reverse. Silent
Day 96: Stones slowly climb back into place; ancient
Day 97: Kings discreetly rise from their graves; hollow
Day 98: Halls fill, note by note, with melodious
Day 99: Echoes; and secretly, from the corners
Day 100: Of solitude honor and virtue are
Day 101: Grafted into a dominion that finds
Day 102: Its rulership before its demise.”  She
Day 103: Pauses for a moment, replays her words,
Day 104: And carefully examines the weight of
Day 105: Each repeated phrase. Then she gently nods
Day 106: As if to confirm a proper use and
Day 107: Positioning of letters. Silence fills that
Day 108: Which was pervaded with words and empties
Day 109: Each passage it had come to satisfy. In
Day 110: These seconds passing before them Jer looks
Day 111: Deep into her eyes to watch the kingdom
Day 112: Breathing backward toward the beginning.
Day 113: “I had always imagined what it would
Day 114: Be like for the world to grow against its
Day 115: Nature,” says Jer. “I’ve imagined forests
Day 116: Sprouting through recomposing soil as
Day 117: What is becomes what was. I’ve envisioned
Day 118: The rising of the sunset and the falling
Day 119: Of the sunrise as both edge along the
Day 120: Skyline, lapsed in time, like a clock spinning
Day 121: Counter clock-wise, in search of the
Day 122: Conception of words. I’ve seen vines descend;
Day 123: Ripples circle inward; moss retreat from
Day 124: The northern face; and stars roll back toward the
Day 125: East.” Here Jer pauses, to gather every
Day 126: Possible thought and piece them together
Day 127: Like a puzzle. “Wouldn’t it be grand if
Day 128: We could see people moving backward through
Day 129: This continuum before us. If we
Day 130: Could watch humanity rewind itself
Day 131: Scene by scene, like a film being rewatched
Day 132: For the first time. If we could hold in our
Day 133: Visage the stories of old, embodied
Day 134: In elegant threads, being rapidly
Day 135: Unwound toward the birth of ideas. Would
Day 136: Not that be the greatest of all possible
Day 137: Experiences.” Finishing he smiles
Day 138: And continues to watch kingdoms regress
Day 139: Progressively in her vivacious eyes.
Day 140: Nia takes a moment to tuck her hair
Day 141: Gently behind her ear and makes her reply.
Day 142: “Time lapse serves nature well, but not mankind
Day 143: For the depth of a person is hard to
Day 144: Measure. With a person there is much more
Day 145: Than a surface. There are facets that no
Day 146: Eye could truly see and that no lens could
Day 147: Genuinely capture. Within every
Day 148: Man is a depth that can only be seen
Day 149: Through his inner eye; through his sight and sharing
Day 150: Alone can the true alterations and
Day 151: Revisions of his heart be understood.
Day 152: Science, reason and logic are foreign
Day 153: Concepts when one is presented with the
Day 154: Inner workings of the human mind.”  At
Day 155: This point so much substance has dispersed
Day 156: From her that she concludes and asks gently,
Day 156: “May I please have my sandwich and a sip
Day 157: Of hot tea?” Instantly seeing her needs
Day 158: Jer reaches into their picnic basket.
Day 159: From within he pulls out a provolone
Day 160: And salami sandwich, enclosed inside
Day 161: Of a bag that reads, “My beautiful girl.”
Day 162: After handing it to Nia he pours
Day 163: Her a steaming cup of honey-lemon
Day 164: Tea, and waits as she beings the process
Day 165: Of filling herself once again. Before
Day 166: Even another syllable wets her
Day 167: Lips she partakes. She bites off a corner
Day 168: Of her sandwich and then hugs the cup with
Day 169: Her tender hands. Each finger, interlocked
Day 170: Around its base, collects warmth from its contents.
Day 171: She holds to it firmly as if it were
Day 172: A golden chalice discovered from some
Day 173: Ancient civilization. Together
Day 174: They sit framed by wood and stone, fixated
Day 175: By pictures that seem to come alive within
Day 176: Their view. Above them the light blue sky stands
Day 177: Still as clouds dance around the sun and leaves
Day 178: Burst forth from their crowded stems. Each second
Day 179: Stirs within them a hope that is yet t0
Day 180: Be revealed. As they watch time poses and
Day 181: Accelerates in the same instant. For
Day 182: An immeasurable moment time slows
Day 183: Its pursuit of the present and begins
Day 184: To chase down the future. Second by second
Day 185: Frames build covertly around realities
Day 186: That will not exist for quite some time, while
Day 187: All their thoughts rest on the edges of
Day 188: Serenity. Jer slowly slips his hand
Day 189: Into Nia’s and secures himself
Day 190: By her side. The window where they are seated
Day 191:  Is perched within a wall that borders what


© Jeremiah Dowling 2012

*This poem was started on the vernal equinox 2012 (March 20th) and will carry on for the next 365 days. Keep checking back to this page each day to see how the poem progresses*


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