6:20pm – A seed of loyalty
6:21pm – Origami lanterns
6:22pm – A wax seal
6:23pm – Overlook sketches
6:24pm – A journal and a fallen star
6:25pm – Silly string
6:26pm – Child-like creations
6:27pm – A hole in the wall
6:28pm – A prayer around the table
6:29pm – Winks in a gallery
6:30pm – Rippling reflections
6:31pm – A lesson on love
6:32pm – Silent Arches
6:33pm – Three Words
6:34pm – Forget-me-nots
6:35pm – A bracelet
6:36pm – ‘Afternoon Remembrance’
6:37pm – ‘Worlds of Color’
6:38pm – A log by the road
6:39pm – A lady’s favorite couple
6:40pm – A picnic in the dark
6:41pm – A bridge into Camden
6:42pm – Blueberry Muffins
6:43pm – ‘Revelation Song’
6:44pm – The eaves of a house
6:45pm – ‘More Tomorrows’
6:46pm – Wooden spoons
6:47pm – Picnic Cove
6:48pm – A Lunar Eclipse
6:49pm – A dress and a tie
6:50pm – Poetry and an elephant
6:51pm – Sailing terms
6:52pm – The parts of a song
6:53pm – Backyard waterfalls
6:54pm – Mini-rapids
6:55pm – French toast with granola
6:56pm – ‘A Severe Mercy’
6:57pm – Porches and patios
6:58pm – A swing set
6:59pm – A bookmark
7:00pm – Paints, poems and hidden treasure
7:01pm – Value
7:02pm – An extended breakfast
7:03pm – Shared glances
7:04pm – A pool side conversation
7:05pm – Penny Island
7:06pm – Stars through a moon roof
7:07pm – A promise
7:08pm – Late night laughter
7:09pm – A train ride
7:10pm – Half a year
7:11pm – Spoken words
7:12pm – A red and white sail
7:13pm – A rowboat for two
7:14pm – The Beaver’s Door
7:15pm – A time capsule
7:16pm – A dock at sunrise
7:17pm – ‘The Natural Machine’
7:18pm – ‘The Glorious Swan’
7:19pm – A boat beneath the stars

© Jeremiah Dowling 2012




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