12am – Hands clap before the plunge
1am – Echoes break the silence.
2am – The world slumbers secretly
3am – And hides beneath the shadows
4am – The dreamer reaches toward
5am – Everything passing by.
6am – Light is born on the horizon
7am – Eyes open; minds awaken
8am – Dreams fade back into reality
9am – Fires are built patiently
10am – Beautiful stories are told
11am – Songs are sung with passion
12pm – We travel back and forth through
1pm – Grey skies and mountain sides
2pm – Our minds are somewhere else
3pm – Dreaming of the adventure at hand;
4pm – Of a late afternoon embrace;
5pm – Of a journey into the unexplored.
6pm – We sit and mingle our weeks together
7pm – We move into a space almost square
8pm – Where worlds of art carry every sound.
9pm – The street lights speak of beauty
10pm – The fire converses with the rain
11pm – And the tide sweeps away our castles.

* This poem was written on March 2nd, 2012. To capture all 24 hours of this day each line was written during a different hour of the day. This poem is the first in my upcoming ‘Timeline’ series. Poems to follow are: ‘Hour’; ‘Week’; ‘Month’ and ‘Year’. (Also, my girlfriend Toni helped write some of this poem as well to help capture even more perspective as to the day in which it was written).

© Jeremiah Dowling and Antonia Simonik  3-2-12


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