Shadows on the snow
Darken perfection
And draw our eye
To the light

© Jeremiah Dowling 2016


The Inner Self

A child came knocking:
“Hello? Are you there?”
The man inside listened,
“I think I am here.”
He thought so hard he
Opened both mouth and door.

There stood the child
“Can you see who I am?”
The man looked intently,
“I’m not sure I can.”
An outstretched hand
Conveyed him to move.

Snow swirled around them;
“Find joy in the cold.”
A blizzard of beauty;
“There is hope for the old!”
A distant memory
Brought a tear to the eye.

© Jeremiah Dowling 2016

A Golden Lens

“I tend to look at my past with such envy and see it through a golden lens, but what I need is to live on the edge of beauty and cling to the core of each moment. I need to throw my head back and breathe more; to open my mouth and drink the rain like wine. I need to fight for routine, for placement and for the present.”


Hour: 4

7:20: An Unusual Catch
7:21: Gathered Around
7:22: Anniversary Aches
7:23: A Forgotten Speech
7:24: ‘The Rumbling Bridge’
7:25: Biscuit Joints
7:26: Boardwalks
7:27: Nib and Quill
7:28: A Ballerina
7:29: Dinosaur Date Night
7:30: Wagon Rides
7:31: Films
7:32: Overheated
7:33: ‘The Shaker of the Birches’
7:34: ‘Road Closed’
7:35: ‘Autunno Alluvione’
7:36: A Sportsman
7:37: ‘The Plot’
7:38: 28 Candles
7:39: Two Directions
7:40: Pitched
7:41: Making Room
7:42: A Battlefield
7:43: Fortune Cookies
7:44: A Normal Year
7:45: Nervousness
7:46: A Leather Boot
7:47: A Moving Image
7:48: Cribbage
7:49: Unexpected Snow
7:50: ‘The Woods in the Middle’
7:51: Bonfire Fuel
7:52: ‘In my Pocket’
7:53: Chills and Sunshine
7:54: Local Tourists
7:55: ‘Entventure’
7:56: Sand Dunes
7:57: The Wild West
7:58: 9,735 Feet
7:59: A Buffalo Burger
8:00: Cartoon Cinema
8:01: 10 Postcards
8:02: Spina Bifida
8:03: ‘Hobbes Arlington’
8:04: One Game Short
8:05: A Day Together
8:06: Tests and Consent
8:07: A Duet
8:08: Fetal Surgery
8:09: Our Summer Home
8:10: ‘Joy’ and ‘Sadness’
8:11: Themes
8:12: Statues
8:13: A Sycamore Stroll
8:14: ‘Blackberry Eclipse’
8:15: A Train and a Sailboat
8:16: Cheesesteaks
8:17: Urban Produce
8:18: Popcorn, No Movie
8:19: Tiny Bricks

© Jeremiah Dowling 2015

‘Bright Fame’

I had seen you dimly
Through a lens
Like raging stars
In a telescope,
But I knew you not.

I caught your flicker
– For a moment –
Stretched thin across
The cold black,
But I could not feel your warmth.

For you were the murmur
Of a story spoken
Lightyears from expectant hope.

You were beyond us
A speck in the milky way
Burning brighter everyday.

And then you came:
An astroid in the atmosphere
With soft cries,
A gentle touch,
And unmistakeable wonder.

© Jeremiah Dowling 2015

The Glimpse

Before you were held,
You beheld the world
Through unconscious sound and sight.

Through decibels and light
You were graced with
An unfelt touch
And almost knew.

© Jeremiah Dowling 2015

None But You

They had told us you, are you.
We had thought this might be true
And as we took a glimpse within
It was clear.

Those hands and feet are yours;
That smile your mother adores,
Belongs to you alone,
Our baby boy.

In your life you might be told,
That as your days unfold,
You must become like
Everyone you see

But our hope is that you’d know
As you blossom, heal, and grow
How we long for you to be
None, but you.

© Jeremiah Dowling 2015

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