How are you glorifying God?

Do we not trust our own words? how can we be a light for Christ if we’re constantly using other peoples words. I understand quoting scripture – but it doesn’t need a  fancy picture and/or a cheesy saying…

I want to be a light to others through who God made me to be, through my questions that I ask and the doubts I have. Through a conversation I may have with someone, about my opinions of why God does so much for me and provides for me. I want my faith in God to show in my life not on my Facebook page.

I feel like when we use Facebook as a platform, it no longer is about God but about how we can present things to our “followers”, about how we word things (that it’s gotta be just-so or perfect), about glorifying the good things or the bad things and not God…

I see people hiding behind their “platform of social media” and only being a “Christian” in the online world. I feel like they  could be so much more than what they post on line, that there is so much more in them: that they can write what other people can’t; and have theological thoughts and conversations with others about those thoughts; that they can express their emotions on a canvas, or in other forms of creating, instead of all this jib-jabbery on social media- the world is so much bigger than that! I want all people to be able to see and experience God and his creation (that he created for us) and to share that experience with others.

“There is no one perfect not even one.” (Romans 3:10-12,Psalm 14:1-3,Psalm 53:1-3) We need to not be afraid that we don’t have it all together, appearances are not everything. Our hearts need to be aware and open to this fact that we are fallen (we are dead) and only though Christ do we have any rights to God. It is not about us, we are not here to  glorify ourselves, we are put on this world to glorify our God.

Is this something that can be reconciled though, this online world of hiding behind other things and not saying what we should… or not living like we should.

-Antonia Dowling


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About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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