Two Poems Penned

Chimney smoke hung between two mountains
Strung up
Like a sheet in the wind

Sitting on the air not wanting to leave
Not hurried,
And not liking the building breeze

The white puff that was,
No longer is
The cold has pushed it away

But it will return again
And dissipate there too


As seasons fade
The leaves do scatter
Propelled by the unseen

Mistaken for creatures
A bird, a chipmunk
Or an animal on the move

These leaves can be deceiving while driving,
I slow up and I swerve
Only to realize it is in vain

But when warmer weather rolls through
And these animals do come out
They can be mistaken for leaves

So which is, I ask
‘Tis critter or crunch of leaves
That I will avoid today

© Antonia Simonik 2013


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