Lack of Trust

Originally I had not intended to write a ‘political’ post today, but as it turns out there is something, along those lines, I want to talk about.

I was reading through some posts that people put online about how they decided not to vote. They gave their reasons for not doing so, and I totally respected that. As I kept reading, however, it seemed a lot of people would come back at them with a comment that I’ve seen all over the web today: “If you don’t vote you will have no right to complain about government for the next 4 years.”

As I read this my heart broke. This wasn’t just a random comment by one random person, this was a reflection of our culture’s heartbeat. We are not confident with anyone’s leadership. We don’t expect great things – even when we hope so deeply for them. We simply vote, hope and then expect to complain about the next 4 years.

I read over these comments again and could not stop wondering why our generation has become so negative, cynical, and hopeless. I know this is just an election and that many people were disappointed with how Obama acted in office for the past 4 years, but I cannot help but wonder if this attitude seeps into all other areas of our lives. Where else are we hopeless? Does our lack of faith in the president exist elsewhere in our lives? Do we think this negatively about our teachers, parents, pastors, and other leaders? Why do we find it so hard to trust?

Do we have a similar faith when it comes to God?

I’m still formulating these questions and am far from answers, but I for one desire to take this opportunity to examine my own life. I do not believe that we should put our faith and hope completely in man (no matter his position), but I cannot help thinking that this is all a reflection of our hearts. And if it is a reflection of our hearts, it is a reflection of how we view God (or so it would seem) in whom we should place all our trust.

If that is the case, I want to find the root of this lack of trust, and strive to live better.

What are your thoughts?


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About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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