This is not what I want, but slowly, bit by bit, I am learning.

Slowly I am uncovering a child that I once knew; a boy who passionately loved Jesus. I see through the shadows a kid who just wanted everyone to know hope and peace in Christ. Right now, I feel so far from that bus seat as he comforted a newly discovered friend – who was crying because he felt alone. Through the barriers of the past I see that young boy and hear him speak to me,

“Don’t be afraid. Don’t bend or break. Fall in love with Jesus. Don’t worry about anything else, but knowing Jesus and bringing others to him.”

Movement. That is a word that stirred inside me today. It is a word of action. Well, I know where I am now, but where will this movement lead? “I don’t know,” is often the answer, but I do know. It is so clear to me now: this movement must lead to Jesus. This was an action that began on my 2nd grade school bus; that lived in that JCM german classroom; and that filled the auditorium as we laid on the floor and prayed with passion. So, also, this movement must go there again and again: before the feet of Jesus.

He is everything. He is all that matters. He is all we should seek. He is our hope.

May we never forget that and may this movement always lead to Jesus.

*Taken from my journal on 10.22.11* 

What can you use to move closer to Jesus?


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About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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