Antonia here, thought I’d drop by and give Jeremiah a day to write other things…

So yesterday I was doing homework in the library here at VFCC. My favorite place to sit is where there is this huge floor to ceiling window, I always sit there, especially in the afternoon when the sunshine comes in! I love it. So I was cranking out this project and it hits about 6:30 or 7 o’ clock and I glance out the window (which I had been doing every ten minutes since I got there at 4), the clouds were gathering and the sun was preparing to set.

Instantly I forgot about my project and was completely captivated by the sun and the clouds, so I started typing up this short little poem about the different kinds of clouds, and how the sun is a perfect circle, and just describing the sunset with my words. I finished it and then got back to homework.

Later in the evening I decided that I wanted to post it on the story movement for today. Went to copy it into the post box, and I accidentally clicked a button that I had no idea what it did, well it took me to settings or something, reloaded the page, and lost my poem. I tried to get it back and couldn’t. I was upset, I really liked that poem and how simple it was. I finally admitted that it was gone for good, but at the same time realized that I will always be captivated by the sun, and just because I lost words that I described it with, doesn’t mean I have lost the sun.

(Its kind of hard to do that.)


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I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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