Top 15 Autumn Activities

Walking outside this morning I was overwhelmed by the beauty of Autumn. It overtook me in so many ways and inspired me to do many things. So, today, I decided to write about my favorite activities of Autumn, and why it has become my favorite season:

1.   Catching leaves (in the yard or while driving my car).
2.   Sliding on fallen pine needles down the ramp on the back deck.
3.   Hiking/kayaking/biking through an array of color.
4.   Bundling up with hot tea and good book on my chilly front porch.
5.   Making a huge leaf pile, and then jumping in it.
6.   Drinking Apple Cider.
7.   Making the first fire of the year.
8.   Wearing flannel and wool socks again.
9.   Watching Orion climb over, and Cygnus dive behind, the horizon.
10. Listening to the many sounds of Autumn:
(Crunching leaves, honking geese, crackling fires, and rainy mornings)
11.  Laying on my roof in the late afternoon and watching the sunset.
12.  Walking down my driveway late at night, and adapting to the cold.
13.  Feeling the breeze embrace me as it slips through my window.
14.  Enjoying time with others during the holidays.
15.  Falling asleep to the sounds of the Autumn Rains.

What are your favorite Autumn Activities?


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About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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