4 Words That Describe Me

Recently, I’ve been described by people with certain words that I thought described me rather well. This got me thinking about a few more, and so I’ve decided to share them with you:

1. Drifter – I was talking to some students of mine about how I don’t like to do the things everyone else does, but that I’d much rather explore and create. I explained how I like spontaneous adventuring and discovering new things – ideas, places, thoughts, etc. One of the students then turned to me and said, “You are a drifter.” And I suppose in many ways I am, though I like to think there is a purpose to my drifting from place to place and thought to thought.

2. Scavenger – Truth be told I am a scavenger. This was another word a student labeled me with. We were at a football game and I didn’t want to spend any money. So I sat next to a kid who I knew wouldn’t finish is food and offered to finish it when he was done. I am like this in many areas of my life. I don’t get new things often. Instead I wait till people don’t want their old things and I get those things cheap or free from them. I learn from this that I need very little, and that it is not the end of the world if my car is still from 2000 and my laptop from 2009. I’m fine with having a cracked screened ipod and an old school phone. I’ll just keep them till they break and then search for the best deal on something new, but not quite new.

3. Observer – After being told I was a ‘Drifter’ and a ‘Scavenger’ I decided to think of other words that described me. Observer was one that came to the forefront of my mind. In life one of my aims is to observe was much as I can. I don’t have to write it down, but I do want to make sure I can see it. Life is much more beautiful to me if I can understand it from as many perspectives as possible.

4. Converser – I wrote about this idea not to long ago, but the last word I’d say describes me would be: a converser. There is just something within me that loves conversations! I can’t get enough of them, and I would love it if I could build my life off of them and be a professional conversationalist.

What 4 words best describe you?


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About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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