Travel By Map

The road trip I went on this past weekend made me realize something: I like traveling by maps.

On our trip we traversed across New Jersey, New York,  Connecticut,  Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire. Anytime we would cross the border into a new state I would pull out the map I had recently purchased for that state and follow our route. This to me was true adventure. The folds in each map spoke of something that I believe many people have lost to technology: true adventure.

One day, I have decided, I want to go on a true adventure. On this adventure I will not use google maps or a GPS, but instead I want to buy a map for each state that is on the journey and use them alone. I want to bring a companion along with me, and I want to traverse the country with nothing, but a stack of folded maps in hand. As the journey progresses I want to unfold each map and trace my finger across our route. I want to journey spontaneously from one distant location to another. I want my finger print to leave itself along the highways and roads that lead us from one place to another. I don’t care if we’d have to sleep in the car, pitch a tent at a camp ground, or stay in a strange motel, I just want to adventure like people used to adventure: with a deeper sense of mystery.

Where have you always wanted to travel?


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About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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