I love it, I love it not

A little while back I put up two pictures of ‘Things I thought I loved’ and ‘Things I forgot I loved’. Well recently I’ve been thinking about these ideas on a deeper level and decided to share with you what I wrote down. So here it is:

Things I thought I loved: 
1. Taking Pictures – I always thought I loved taking pictures, but truth be told I just love having pictures that others have taken.
2. Blogging – The idea of having to keep a fan base that reads my page is overwhelming (so this post is kind of contradiction in ways).
3. Facebook – At times facebook seems more of a hinderance than a tool
4. Wearing a Watch – I always thought I liked wearing watches, but really I quite enjoy the beauty of not knowing what time it is and having to try and guess.
5. Movies/TV – Both movies and TV are becoming less important to me
6. ipods – Give me a physical CD/Record over the connivence of an ipod any day. There is just something beautiful about holding an actual album and playing the whole thing through.
7. Cellphones – I only have a cellphone to keep in touch with a few people that I miss, but I’d rather be with them so I could ignore it.
8. Being Noticed – I want to impact many, but only be affirmed and recognized by a few.
9. Loud Music – I always thought I loved loud music, but I don’t. I enjoy very chill acoustic folk music way better.

Things I forgot I loved:
1. Sketching – I’d rather sketch out a moment than try to take its picture.
2. Writing in my Journals – There is an unspoken beauty in writing words on an actual piece of paper that very few will read.
3. Camp – I keep forgetting how much I love the beautiful community found at camp. There is a depth there that is found in very few other places.
4. Wearing One Bracelet – For some reason I must always have one bracelet on my left wrist. It helps me feel secure and not so alone (Especially when it’s from Antonia).
5. Creating – There is an amazing joy in creating things. I don’t know now I forget that joy so often.
6. Songwriting – It is grand to be able to write a new song, even if only a select few hear it.
7. Cooking – I really enjoy cooking a good meal to the sound of good music.
8. Being Invisible – I absolutely love being a ‘chameleon’.
9. Being Silly – I always used to get made fun of for being strange or silly, but Antonia has reminded me of how much I love being a goof.
10. Adventures – Take me anywhere as long as it is an adventure.
11. Prayer Walks – There is nothing more satisfying than a prayer walk as one is surrounded by nature and/or the night.
12. Reading Books – Stories are always better told in books.

*This is my list for now. I don’t hate the things on the first list, I just realized that I don’t love them as much as I thought. I also noticed that many of the things I love are things that I can tangibly experience.*

What are some things you love?


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About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

2 responses to “I love it, I love it not”

  1. Christine says :

    Things I love:
    1. My children’s laugh !
    2. The birds singing in the morning
    3. My husband singing in the shower
    4. Sorry, I love loud music ! The more passion in the screaming for Jesus, the better !
    5. I love writing too.
    6. I love painting.
    7. I love actually playing something correctly on my bass and piano !
    8. Playing board games.
    9. I love warm summer nights sitting outside on my swing.
    10. Most of all, I love hearing the still small voice of God.

    • thestorymovement says :

      🙂 Thanks for sharing! Its always cool to hear about some of the other things that people love! And I totally agree with #9 except I’d be in my hammock…

      In Christ,

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