The Heart of an Inventor

This past week at camp I had a camper in my room named Josiah. Josiah is was a very interesting kid. He was a bit shorter than 5 feet, had a big pair of glasses, and liked fixing things. He was very hyper active, would make random animal noises, and would say ‘fuzzy fuzz’ all the time. He also had a vest. It was a fishing vest and he wore it wherever he went (except church). If we went to play a game – he would have his vest, if we went swimming – he would have his vest, if we went to our meal – he would have his vest, no matter where we were at he would have his vest.

About midway through the week, during a meal, I noticed him starting to take things out of his vest. He had a mini strobe light and other strange things, and he began to show them to the other campers at the table. It was very strange because it seemed like every moment he was taking something new out of his vest. I began to wonder, “How many things does he have in that little vest of his?” In that moment I decided that by the end of the week I was going to take an inventory of what was in his vest. Here is what I found:

1 Magnifying Card
1 Laser Pointer
3 Screwdrivers
1 USB Cord
3 Pairs of Headphones
2 Stylises
1 Cord Jack
5 Flashlights
1 Pocket Watch
3 Pocket Knifes
1 Compass
1 Roll of Tape
1 Snowman Notebook
1 Tape Measure/Flashlight/notepad
2 Pens
1 Screwdriver Set (in the shape of a truck)
1 Flint Starter
1 Red Box (filled with home made ninja stars)

As I sat there documenting the things that were in his vest I was amazed at his desire to invent. He told me a few nights before that, that his greatest passion was fixing and inventing things. Many of the people at camp thought it was strange that he wore a vest and ‘hoarded’ so many things within it, but I didn’t. I remembered looking into his eyes when he talked about wanting to invent things. So as I took an inventory of his vest it was not to laugh at him, but rather to get a glimpse into the eyes of an inventor. I wanted desperately to know:

Why did he have the things he did?

Why did he see them as important?

As adults we often forget about the art of inventing, and so more than anything I wanted a glimpse back into the inventive and imaginative heart of a child who would one day be something more.

What are some things you’ve wanted to invent?


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