7 Journals

In 2004 I started keeping a daily (or mostly daily) journal. I began in little spiral notebooks, and have since advanced to many different varieties of journals: leather bound, hand made, small, large, decorative, plain, old fashioned, modern, etc… Now 8 years later I’m currently filling up my 30th journal.

I find journal daily very healthy and productive. It challenges me to capture moments in my words and to practice my writing skills. It also can help me process my life – where I was, and where I am – when I read through my entries every day from that day the year before. These journals – my current words – are my most treasured possessions.

The one thing that is quite challenging about having one journal for everything, however, is remembering where all my thoughts are. Sometimes I’ll want to re-explore something I thought, or said, but have the hardest time finding where I wrote it. I have to try and remember which of my 30 journals it is in and when in the past 8 years I wrote in it. In one sense it is really inspiring because I find myself sifting through so many past thoughts, ideas, and concepts, but in another sense it really stinks because I rarely find what I was actually looking for.

For this reason, I’ve decided to try something new: write in 7 journals at once. Sound crazy? Well, it kind of is, but I have never been more inspired about the creative process than I am now. I decided that I wanted to focus in on some important areas in my life so I’ve designated journals to those areas. Only two of them are normal, or daily, journals and the others are for when specific thoughts come into my head, or for when certain adventures are taken. I call these extra journals ‘Life Journals’ because the goal is to keep them running through my life as long as possible.

Here is my list of journals and what they are about:

Normal Journals
1. My Daily Journal – The daily flow of my life.
2. My Creative Journal – Poems, prose, stories, songs, sketches, inventions, concepts, ideas, etc…

‘Life’ Journals
3. Questions Asked and Answers Given –  Here I document questions that I’ve asked and the replies I receive to those questions.
4. Moments Lived and Beauties Discovered – This journal is simply a list of things that I love about life.
5. Journey Journal #1: The Journey Into Oneself – An attempt to learn how to love well, be loyal, and be the man that I am made to be.
6. Journey Journal #2: The Secret Journal

Shared Journal
7. The Travel Journal – For documenting adventures…

In what ways do you journal?


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About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

3 responses to “7 Journals”

  1. Mark Zellner says :

    That sounds pretty great, Jeremiah. I’ve been challenged recently by both my pastor and associate pastor to journal more as a means of keeping my spiritual journey and prayer life recorded for better use. I used to keep a daily journal for about 5 years, but fell out of the habit after going to college. Really something I would benefit from.

    • Mark Zellner says :

      Never thought of using multiple journals, that is neat. I did keep poetry journals and daily journals separate, but my trick used to be using different markings in the daily journal to signify the type of entry, ie
      —- normal entry
      — + — prayer entry
      — o — poetic/creative entry

      • thestorymovement says :

        Yeah multiple journals is great! I used to do the markers for prayers and such, but I find it a lot easier to just pick up a journal knowing that everything in it relates … journaling is a great habit though!

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