Rhythms of Life

Recently, I decided to try out some new ‘Rhythms of Life’ to help keep me healthier and more content as I live out each day. So today instead of doing some elaborate post I’m simply going to list out some of those ‘rhythms’ in hopes that it would encourage you to find some ‘rhythms’ of your own:

1. Blog every weekday till 2013
2. Only go on facebook 2 hours a day
3. Post a maximum of 5 times a day on facebook/twitter
4. Don’t go online on weekends (except to skype)
5. Go to the diner Friday mornings at 8am and work on unfinished poems
6. Write a line to my 365 line narrative poem ‘Year’ every day
7. Read a chapter of fiction every day
8. Daily read scripture followed by some theology or philosophy
9. Read in my hammock when time permits
10. Go outside more

*These are just goals I set for myself (for how long I do not know) sometimes I might not accomplish them, but I aim to accomplish them all as much as possible. Some of these I’ve been working on since November, and some have only been going on a few weeks, but already I’m discovering a new fullness in life through these new habits, and its really cool to see life from a new, fresh, and healthy perspective.*

What are some of your Rhythms of Life?


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About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

One response to “Rhythms of Life”

  1. Paul Hutton says :

    daily read scripture, spend time with friends before were all married with childern, carpe diem, spend more time outside, write at least one thing a week, allow God to use me whenever he wants. thats all i think of off the top of my head

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