I’m learning that rest is a beautiful thing. If I were to tally the time that I slept this past week (out of a possible 56 hours / or 8 hours a night) I’d end up with about 37 hours (which is a little over 5 hours a night). This might not seem all that bad, and I’m sure there are people out there who get much less sleep than that – hint, hint, college students –  but it has been taking a toll on me. Granted it has been a busy week, and I’ve been blessed with so many opportunities (which caused my getting up so early), but I’m still feeling the after effects of it all. Yes, I got to have breakfast with some students twice this week; yes, I got to substitute teach at the local Christian School two days in a row; and yes, I got to visit my girlfriend and make her birthday memorable, but all in all, I’m pretty much shot.

Right now I feel like a hot air balloon that has been shot out of the sky and I’m just looking for a place to crash. All my energy is rushing out of me rapidly, and I’m just ready to fall into a deep slumber that I may never wake from. I’m ready to dream long enough that I can remember my dreams, and sleep long enough that it feels like sleep. I’m ready to crack open the window, burrow under my covers and fight for the warmth for another night. I’m ready to wake up and know that my body isn’t pleading with my mind to stay in bed another hour longer.

Rest, it is an intricate part of life. We spend nearly 1/3 of our lives doing it. Time and time again it brings us back to a place where we can live more fully. Sleep revives the weary heart, soul, and body. It brings us back to a place where we can reflect on the days past and have energy for the days ahead. Rest fills us when we have emptied ourselves to the world. Through it we regain hope, awareness, agility, perspective, and creativity. It isn’t just something to do at night, it is a need; it is a rhythm that keeps our song in time. The cycle of life is incomplete without it.

So, I’m making it my aim to be better at getting sleep. I’m making it my goal to rest well (physically, emotionally, and spiritually) that I might engage the world in the best way possible when I am awake.

How can you get into a better rhythm of sleep?


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

4 responses to “Rest”

  1. stephindialogue says :

    I like this line “Rest, it is an intricate part of life.” and your holistic understanding of recharging for all the other aspects of life…we all need to!

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