The Dark

Into the dark, into the wild, into the night, they flew like the wind!

Fairy’s dance across the meadow, moon reflects on the iridescent moor,

The breeze blows, whistling in the trees.

Silence. Frozen.

All is still. All is quiet.

Into the dark, into the wild, into the night, tip toe, tip toe,

Gently & slowly the reckoning comes.

Into the dark, into the wild, into the night, it approaches!

Gather the children, hush the whimpers, smoulder the fire.

It is now.

Open your eyes. See.

© Bekah Strangarity 2012

*Bekah is a good friend of mine who helped coach me in my lead role as Laurie in ‘Little Women’, and she blogs quite regularly at: Make sure you stop by and read her posts. Here is a bit about her from her blog: 

“I’d rather be out climbing a tree and reading a novel than swimming at the sea. From growing up in the farmland of Lancaster county, PA, to living in South Africa and starting a school, to moving to my new quirky city in Oregon, I call many places home. My face mirrors my heart and I can’t lie with my feelings, and I’m all passion, all the time. This is where I write. My living room extended into yours. So glad you are here.”


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

3 responses to “The Dark”

  1. boosharesnews says :

    Thanks for letting me come over here and share.
    As always, Jeremiah! I love this site. You ceaselessly inspire me to write better.
    Thank you.
    just, simply-

    • thestorymovement says :

      Anytime Bekah!! And on my goodness I’ve had more traffic than I have in a long time after I posted this… needless to day it was an inspiring poem!! Thanks for letting me share!

      In Christ,

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