I am a Priest

In the days of old there were stories of demons, witches, and monsters.

The people were scared, so they looked up to the Church. The Church was there to protect them against the darkness. Now a days people have forgotten and science and technology have taken over the hearts of those who once believed. So now the Church is no longer public in their acts against the forces of evil. They are now discreet  and silent. The pope and the cardnials allow specially trained priests to fight the darkness. Trained at a young age, they study Scripture, prayer, and combat to fight against those of evil hearts.

My name is Jerimiah Isiah de la Tapia and my great, great, great grandfather was a priest in Spain. Now I shall follow in his footsteps. I will fight against the darkness and defend those who can not defend themselves. I will protect the weak. I am a priest.

*I student in my youth group asked if he could read this story to me a few weeks back at our retreat. He wrote it when he was 9 and still immersed in his catholic heritage. Honestly, I was floored by it. For someone who was 9 to write something like this was just really cool to me – even if I don’t agree with all the catholic church is about or believes*

© Jerimiah Isiah de la Tapia 2006


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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