Out of 20,000

Part of what this blog is about is telling stories, and today I was told a story that floored me. I finally got the ‘White Flag’ album from Passion 2012 and inside of it was the note above. It was from my friend Evan Rummel (who works for Touch the World with me). He had been telling me for weeks that a note in silver lettering was coming my way, and this was it, a note inside the box of my CD from Passion 2012. I asked for the story and he typed it out for me. As I read it I was listening to Kristian Stanfill playing ‘Not Ashamed’ on the live passion podcast. Tears started to fill my eyes in that moment. It was such a beautiful and profound moment that God blessed me with and so I wanted to share the story with you. Here is it:

“I traveled down to Atlanta to chill with my parents and crash on their couch for about ten days to rest, recoop, rejuvenate, re-energize myself for the work of Code Purple Event. About two days in, my mom said that she was going to help package up the CDs for Passion and wanted to know if I’d come, see some folks from Passion that I knew, help out. I said sure why not. From there, I showed up to a room of 20,000+ boxes that needed folding, stamping, and postage. Sitting down with every state in the US and a couple dozen international countries, I went to work enjoying seeing all the names. It was truly amazing to be with a group of 15 people folding and placing all the names onto these packages. I got excited just thinking about all the people that, in due time, would be hearing everything on the CD and it was also amazing knowing that this behind the scenes work made that possible! My mom at one point said she was onto Pennsylvania and proceeded to share a stack of boxes with me. It didn’t even occur to me that I would see your name but three people in and BAM Jeremiah Dowling appeared in front of me. All of a sudden, I got the idea to put the random note inside of Dear Toast, Love Jelly because how would you ever expect it to happen! Praying over it for you and placing scripture inside saying that “…living your life worthy of Jesus Christ so that when he returns, you can know that you lived the good and faithful life…” I sat there for a moment after with one of the Passion Conference staff members standing behind me with a smile on my face. A tear formed as I envisioned you opening it and I knew that this was a moment orchestrated by God. You showed up to this conference somewhat last minute after God opened financial and travel doors for you and in this moment, he opened a door for me to write to you. No other time would make that possible! Amen!
I cannot wait to see where God brings you man because you are legit running after Him. Your writing reflects that, your work with this upcoming generation reflects it, your faith reflects it. You inspire me to become a better man of God and when I got the opportunity to surprise you with a note among 20,000 other people who do the same, I took it! And this music, this CD, that experience at Passion2012 has ignited something in you that will continue because like they said there, this wasn’t about a conference or a limited experience. It’s about taking that fire and pouring gas on to it so that we will explode into the world and bring light everywhere we go. Love you bro and whether we are talking on Facebook, in a famous PA diner, or through the US mail inside a box from Passion, I love being able to keep up with you!”

P.S. The whole Toast thing is an inside joke, so its ok if you don’t understand it.


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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