Today I decided to do something different: reblog. I never did this on WordPress before, but I felt it would be good in light of all that is going on with Kony 2012. I thought about writing a blog post about it, but honestly I don’t know enough about, and my friend Jesse and Andrea wrote a great first hand article. Please take some time to read it, and have a great day!

Jesse & Andrea Kroeze

The biggest craze to hit all social media in the past week is Invisible Children’s (IC) newest campaign:  KONY 2012.  Since we live in Northern Uganda, home to the twenty-plus-year crisis, and are working directly with survivors of the LRA (and are even close friends with former rebel soldiers and abductees, we’ve been asked by many family, friends and supporters our thoughts on all the hoopla.  So, let’s jump right in:


I think all of us agree on one thing…Kony is a mad, possessed killer who has orchestrated a war that terrorized millions.  He must be stopped so that rapes, abductions and killings of innocent men, women and children continue no longer. (Sidenote, since the IC video was a bit ambiguous: The LRA, the army that Joseph Kony leads, left Uganda six years ago and this is no longer the current situation in Uganda.  However, it is…

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