Observations: Time

A few thoughts about time:
1. We often see time as short dots on a linear scale, but what if each moment was actually an infinite dot in the whole of time.

Think about your moment right now. Think about all the things going on in your life presently. This moment is happening for you right now and it has multiple layers of thought and reality. This moment is also happening for me right now, with multiple layers. Around the world there are 7 billion people each experiencing this multi-faceted moment. Beyond that, trees are growing, animals are surviving, the laws of nature are at work. It would be impossible for any person to meticulously account for every layer of this current moment. This moment is deeper than we’ve ever thought before.

(My thanks to Jordan Sheagley for sparking this thought)

2. Thoughts only exist in the present.

Thoughts only exist in the present. Thoughts that are yet to come only exist in the present as well – in the present when we will discover them. They do not yet exist here (in what will be the past), but they exist in a moment yet to come. One might say that they exist in the future, but as they do not yet exist, and as they will be discovered a present moment can we really say they exist in the future? For when they come to exist it will no longer be the future.*

On the same token, past thoughts were birthed in the present and our thinking of them as past thoughts makes them present thoughts again (because we think of how we thought of them thus making them present again).

*Here I am speaking of the act of thinking more than anything else.

3. One can never really go into the past or into the future (even if time travel were possible).

The moment one stands in a moment that was, or that will be, is a moment where time becomes a new present. For the present is the moment in which one perceives existence. Maybe then time isn’t linear, in this sense, but is rather a mindset.

4. Life runs like an hourglass, not a clock, and the moments that fall can never be had again.

These moments are grains of sand that build a mountain of memories. Grain by grain they form a heap of memorable moments. Some come to us quickly – as they rest on the outer edge – and others sneak up on us from the middle of the heap, when we least expect them to.

As time wanes on these memories become more and more important to us and life become more fragile. Then in a moment we take our last breath and our life is spent, and all that is left is the memory of who we once were.


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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