We are all Artists

Everyone wants to be an artist. Everyone wants to create. Everyone wants to share their story, 0r so it seems.

These days it seems like art is constantly making its way into the limelight, and more people are defining themselves as artisans. This became apparent to me as I looked at the nominees for the Oscars this year. Most of the ‘Best Picture’ candidates seemed infused with a creative nature – or tried desperately to be creative. Movies like ‘The Artist’ (Winner of Best Picture), ‘Hugo’, and ‘The Tree of Life’ all seemed contrary to the formula adopted by Hollywood in recent years (book movies and sequels) – even if ‘Hugo’ is based on a book.

These movies all explored realms of thought that Hollywood has left barren and unexplored lately. ‘The Artist’ reminded us of the beauty of classic film and that profound stories can still be told without words or color. ‘Hugo’ transported us back into our imagination, into our desire to belong, and into the history of film. ‘The Tree of Life’ revealed the nature of man, the grace of God, and the beauty of life to us, in an amazing, unpredictable, display of cinematic beauty.

(At the same time movies such as ‘War Horse’ and ‘Extremely Loud Incredibly Close’ strived to let loose their creative nature and tap into the world of art).

This is not only true for film, but many of the mediums by which we tell stories.

Even music seems to be moving into a new world of possibilities. Molds are being broken and new sounds are making their way into the popular sector. Bands like ‘Arcade Fire’, ‘Mumford and Sons’, ‘Bon Iver’, and ‘The Civil Wars’ have received much fanfare in the secular realm. While musicians such as ‘Gungor’, ‘John Mark McMillan’, ‘Daniel Bashta’, ‘All Sons and Daughters’ and ‘Josh Garrels’ are reopening our thoughts on what it means for Christians to make art, and to truly worship.

Art seems so prevalent these days. We look only to find it woven into our very nature. When we read we want to read ‘the classics’, when we explore media we want to see something we’ve never experienced before, when we create we want to create something unique to us, and we live to share the essence of our story. It is becoming second nature to us. We no longer care much about occupations, but we care about living out our dreams; we care about creating, sharing, and living fully.

Through art we strive to make a difference. Through creativity we long to tell our story. Through imagination we yearn to embody beauty and hope.

The very essence of our Creator is making its way to the surface of who we are. With each breath, with each movement, and with each stroke we are embodying an image given to us from the even beginning. We are all artists. So, may we embody this image well, create from our hearts, and live to share His part in midst of our story.

How are you embodying His image through your Art?


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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