Labyrinth Skies

I have always looked at life like a landscape with open skies ready to be charted and mapped out. All this time it has seemed, to me, to be a land of wide open space ready to rest upon our parchment. However, the more I look at this picture, the more it seems to be merely an ideal. It would seem, rather, that life is becoming much more like a maze; an elaborate labyrinth of decisions and mystery.

Each step is followed by the unknown. Each corner is a risk. We move and learn from our surroundings. We press on as if in hopes of one day uncovering that ideal – that open field embraced by a baby blue sky. It is as if we fight every day to finally find wide open space; to find the wild; to find a world that beckons us deeper and further.

But maybe its all in our perspective. Maybe its all about how our eye sees through the viewfinder. To one the mystery overwhelms while to another the mystery excites. To one the world is closing in while to another the world is opening up. One sees only darkness while another sees light breaking in the distance. Our world is tainted, but our perspective.

My prayer is that we will see with hopeful eyes. That we may learn to live not as trapped, but as adventurers pressing forward in exploration.


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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