The Poetry of Christine Miller

It’s guest post week all week long, so enjoy some poetry, thoughts, and articles from some friends of mine. Today I’m kicking off the week with some poetry by my friend Christine Miller. Enjoy:


Such as a raindrop kisses the flowers
So will these roses grow from the silent touch
Even the star that glitters in the sky
Will send those soft rays to gently sooth the human spirit
The thorns are no longer sharp,
But are gently smoothed with the breath of God.
The western wind will not uproot these flowers
For the eastern breeze will shield and uplift their stems
Gently the sun’s rays mold the flowers beauty.
Nurturing and protecting each other’s essence.
The weeds will not smother them,
For these flowers are planted in fertile ground
What is unspoken can be heard
Even as the seed quietly splits to bring upon life
So can this friendship flourish in the garden of God.



The grass givesthe earth a tune
A tune of inspiration
Letting the lucky one come forth
Causing the dew to be a spiritual fancy

Maybe leaves whispering secrets will be made known to me
Giving up the power of this fertile land
Letting the streams wash away all confusion

Can nature’s relics be preserved?
Making all fantasy’s turn the sticks to brush?
Will the mummer of destiny take the daisy’s petals?

I feel the awe of a seeds first growth
The growth of a new strong hold giving peace to those who are so willed.
Always calming even the strongest storm
Yet all inhabitants invade the privacy of the forest
Whether it be the tree’s shade or a mushroom’s shadow
Letting the living conquer all fear

Nothing is ever destroyed in the stone’s heart
The memories can be burned and reborn
Just remember to look upon the past as a blessing
For one can always expand their own meadow.

© Christine Miller


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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