Life’s Soundtrack [2009-2012]

‘Retrace’ by Anberlin [Summer 2009] – I had just graduated college and being home had so many haunting memories. It was night time, and I don’t remember where I was driving from. All I remember is that I was driving home and this song came on. Its sound was so haunting to me. All I could think of was all I had lost and all that I had such a hard time letting go of. I just wanted to escape.

‘We Don’t Eat’ by James Vincent McMorrow  [Summer 2010] and ‘Slow Your Breathe Down’ by Future of Forestry [Summer 2010] – Both of these songs came on to Relevant FM while I was painting my first painting in my room. I often look back at them both and think of the paint as it swirled together to create my first real piece of art. (Which later went on to win 3rd place in the West End Fair).

‘Pligrim’ by So Long Forgotten [Fall 2010] – I was taking a student to Valley Forge Christian College for preview night. We had arrived, checked in and enjoyed an evening of fun, but it was time for me to go find where I was staying that night. So I turned on the GPS and started playing ‘Beneath Our Noble Heads’ by So Long Forgotten (which I just got from Noisetrade the day before). For some reason I remember this night so clearly. This night was a defining moment for me. These songs guided me to a bed and breakfast where I sat down and cried out to God like never before. Though I still don’t really know the words to any of the songs on this album it brings me such joy to hear them, and they remind me that God has a purpose for my passions.

‘Needle and Thread’ by Sleeping at Last [Fall 2010] – We were on our way back from the Touch the World banquet and I was in the back seat next to a dear friend. I wanted to escape, so I put in my headphones. Just as we were reaching home the song ‘Needle and Thread’ came on and I listened to the lyrics for the first time. And in that moment I understood God’s love for his children:

“”You were a million years of work,”
Said God and His angels, with needle and thread.
They kissed your head and said,
“You’re a good kid, and you make us proud.
So just give your best and the rest will come,
And we’ll see you soon.”

‘For You’ by Jenny and Tyler [Fall 2010] – Autumn was dying, and the last of the leaves were falling off of the trees. I was heading home from work and turned this song up full blast. I can remember thinking to myself, “What an amazing way to start an album!”

‘Tower’ by Andrew Belle [Spring 2011] – Every time I hear this song I can vividly see a couple walking on a tight rope above a city, and it is beautiful. The first time I imagined this I was on my way home from church as Spring was in full bloom.

‘Your Love Never Fails’ by Jesus Culture [Fall 2011] – When I first heard this song I was making my way up the mountain by my house, and all I could think of was, “Worship is so much better live!” In that moment I had a vision to see young adults in our area all worshiping together. I’m still in the works of seeing how to make this happen.

‘Brother Moon’ by Gungor [Fall 2011] – One thing I love to do is go to ‘The Barn’, hook up the speakers and turn them up full volume while listening to inspirational music. When ‘Ghosts Upon the Earth’ came out I fell in love with this song. So I drove down to ‘The Barn’ early and played it over the sound system while I was setting up for the night.

‘Older Brother’ by Beauregard [Fall 2011] – I was in Ocean City, NJ at a friend’s house. It was late and I was getting ready for bed. I turned out the lights and turned on my ipod speaker. This song was the first on shuffle. I remember just staring into the dark and listening. In that moment everything seemed so beautiful. This song helped me escape into the darkness unharmed.

‘With Everything’ by Hillsong United [Spring 2012] – There were 44,000 of us in the Georgia Dome. I walked to the far end zone while Hillsong United played this song. I stood and watched. All around my brothers and sisters were worshipping. Above, behind, in front, and to the sides, the place was filled with heartfelt praise. This image still inspires me and revisits me day after day.

What songs have inspired you in the past 3 years?


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

2 responses to “Life’s Soundtrack [2009-2012]”

  1. Paul Hutton says :

    Words Left Unsaid by Desciple, and Wonderful Life by Alter Bridge helped me through some of the darkest times of my life.

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