Life’s Soundtrack [2000-2005]

I’ve often heard people say, “Wouldn’t it be great if our lives had soundtracks like in the movies?” and the thought has always been an amazing one to me. Actually, sometimes, when I’m getting the mail, I turn up my radio really loud and leave the car door open when I walk to the mailbox. In those moments I will walk slower, listen to the notes and look at the nature surrounding me as if a soundtrack is actually playing over my life.

It is a beautiful thought really, but the more I think about it the more I realize that our lives do have soundtracks. There are songs that mark eras in our lives, and we can learn a lot by remembering them. We can learn a whole lot about ourselves when we remember where we were when we first were impacted by a song and by seeing the progression of the music in our lives.

So, for the next few days I decided to take a look back at songs that have impacted my life (to listen to them simply click the pictures below). I will attempt to remember not only the songs (or albums), but also where I was when they impacted me the most. I will tell a bit of the story of those times when the soundtrack of my life was the loudest and most beautiful, and I encourage you to do the same:


‘Good Life’ by Audio Adrenaline (2000) It was lunch time and I remember the conversation. One of my friends said, “So when Y2K hits all the computers are going to shut down, and we’ll have no power. So we should be stocking up food and everything cause it will be a while before they get everything back in order.” My other friend from across the table began to argue, “That is not true at all! The computers won’t all shut down!” As the argument continued I looked down to the lyric booklet I brought with me to read at lunch. It was from Audio Adrenaline’s new CD ‘Underdog’ – one of my new favorites.

As I began to read it two friends of mine, Mike and Lee, looked over and said, “What’s that?” “Just a lyric booklet from the band Audio Adrenaline,” I replied, “I just got it, its pretty awesome!” I handed it across the table and they began to read the book. The song they first read was one called, ‘Good Life’. They read the chorus out loud,

“This is the good life
I’ve lost everything
I could ever want
And ever dream of
This is the good life
I found everything
I could ever need
Here in Your arms”

After they had finished reading they handed it back and said, “That is such a dumb song. It doesn’t even make sense! How could someone find a good life from losing everything they every wanted or dreamed of?” This was my first encounter with the gospel as a ‘Stumbling Block’  to those who didn’t believe it, and I simply began a journey of unpacking the gospel with these two guys that continued throughout the rest of Jr. High and High School.

‘Fly’ by G.S. Megaphone (Fall 2001) – I finally made it to high school and was in Marching Band. For concert band I was 3rd chair because I was lazy and not all that good, but I loved playing saxophone all the same. I also quite enjoyed most of Marching Band (aside from practices anyway). The one thing I loved most was the competitions, and specifically the rides home from the good competitions. There was just something about it that made me feel accomplished. Almost every time riding home I’d borrow my friend David’s CD player (cause I didn’t have one) and I would put in the CD ‘Out of My Mind’ by G.S. Megaphone. Then I would look out the window at the stars and just escape into the music. One of my favorite songs from this album was, “Fly”.

‘Those Words are not Enough’ by Relient K (2001) – This was one of my favorite Relient K songs, and I have one really clear memory of it. I was on my way to K-mart with my mom, and we were driving through wind gap. Just as we were driving through the stop light by the old gap theater my mom turned to me and said, “When did you learn to sing harmony? I never taught you that.” I looked at her confused, “What’s harmony?” I said. Then after she explained it to me I shrugged my shoulder and continued singing this song in my new defined harmonies.

‘Eulogy’ by Five Iron Frenzy (2002) – Five Iron Frenzy is one of my favorite bands, and I always loved them because they were able to combine stupid songs with spiritually profound songs. This song I heard for the first time on my way to ‘Impact’ conference in Ocean City, MD. We were on the bus and I had just purchased the CD, “Electric Boogaloo: Five Iron Frenzy 2” before the drive down. I put the CD into my Sony Walkman, and began to listen. The sound was so different and so addicting. I remember we were just entering Ocean City when this song began to play. Just as the CD was about to end the Reese Roper began to sing,

“If Jesus Christ is true then I am mostly lies
If Jesus Christ is love then I have failed to try
If Jesus Christ is life then please just let me die
Let this die.”

With those words I was blown away, and my life would never be the same.

‘Every New Day’ by Five Iron Frenzy (2004) – In 2004 a CD came out that marked the end of an era: ‘The End is Here’ by Five Iron Frenzy. For me it was the beginning of the end of something beautiful. It was the ending of my childhood and the beginning of my search for adulthood. I remember getting this CD after months and months of waiting. I put it in and listened through both discs with great anticipation. Then came my favorite song, ‘Every New Day’. Five Iron Frenzy always closed their shows with this song, and as I listened to the song in my bedroom I began to cry. I was so impacted by the legacy they had left behind for us to follow in. As the last notes rang out the crowd began to cheer, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.” All I could do was think of how grateful I was for this band, and think of all the ways they had impacted my faith in Christ.

‘Adonai’ by The O.C. Supertones (March 17th, 2005) – Technically this song came out in 1996, but one huge memory I have from it was listening to it at one of The O.C. Supertone farewell concerts at LCBC on Thursday March 17th, 2005. I remember waiting the whole time for this one song to play, and to close out the entire night they began to play this song. ‘Adonai’ for some reason had been a song that had helped me through so much, and as they played it I got chills up and down my spine. I began dancing and singing with my friends. It was such a beautiful night.


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

2 responses to “Life’s Soundtrack [2000-2005]”

  1. Eric says :

    I cried listening to FIF, I was sitting in my room on Christmas night after I had gotten the cd and I realized I will never see them live and it was like every song of theirs and how it had impacted me in high school just hit me…but their back!!!!!

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