From the Heart

I want to write more from my heart because I don’t always feel like I do that anymore. Sometimes I only write because I’ve told myself to write. I’ve told myself over and over again, “Come on man, you need to write today.” or “Your goal is to post something every weekday for the next year, don’t fail.” And with that often times, my heart slips through the cracks. My heart becomes overshadowed by the priority to post every day; to write something that people want to read; to dictate something that could change the world.

But isn’t my heart far more important than those things? I could write as much as I want, but if its not from my heart what difference could it possibly make? I could write posts that people want to read. I could attempt to write things that change the way we think as people, and that could possibly change the world. I could start a movement of storytellers. I could live out my dream every waking moment of every waking day, but if its not from my heart it does not matter.

I often ask myself the question: If you could be famous for words that do not matter, or unnamable for words that have transformed your heart, which would you choose?

And I always answer myself: If my words do not matter neither should I. If I cannot speak from my heart then I should never speak again. For what matters is not the words themselves, but the beauty behind each letter.

Question: What do you find are the best ways to write from your heart?


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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