Top 5 Moments of Passion 2012

So to wrap everything up I decided that I would simply post my top 5 moments of Passion 2012. So prepare yourself, here I go:

1. Striped Green Community Group – The best part, I would say, of the whole week was definitely our community group (and more specifically my family group). We were the group with the green wrist bands on, but our group leader changed our name to ‘Striped Green’ and had us all on twitter proclaiming how ‘cool’ we were (along with our friends at Glitter Green we were trending #1 in the world on twitter ha). But that’s not why the group was so cool to me. The group was awesome because out of 44,000 people I spent every morning and evening with the same 7 people I didn’t know. They were my family for the week. We shared what we studied the scriptures together, we shared our struggles/thoughts with each other, we laughed with each other, and we prayed with each other. It was amazing to see how in 4 days I could become so connected to others from all around the country,and that I could even stay connected with them now.

2. ‘With Everything’ – During the song ‘With Everything’ by Hillsong United, I went back to the far endzone in the stadium, stood there and watched everyone as I sang along. I closed my eyes, put my arms out toward the ground with palms open, and listened. I heard the voices of God’s children seeking the face of God. I opened my eyes and behind me, above me, to both sides of me, and in front of me were God’s children worshipping God with all their hearts. We were rising up, and it was beautiful!

3. Freedom Art – Another highlight of my week was giving toward the $3 Million that we ended up raising in the end, and adding to the Freedom Art that was constructed in the International Plaza. It was amazing not only to be a part of a group worshiping Jesus Christ, but it was amazing to be able to make a difference in 4 days time. To simply know that people around the world are going to be impacted by the things that God has given me to give is amazing to me! And it all encourages me to continue to ‘Do Something Now’.

4. Standing for Scripture – Another moment I loved was standing during one of the sessions as we read through the book of Ephesians. Its not every day that we take worship to that next level where we stand before God and read through his Word together. It was a beautiful moment that I was able to share. It was a moment that not only challenged me physically, but spiritually as well. It reminded me that God deserves more than our emotions or feelings, but God deserves our respect and admiration. He is worth all we have to give.

5. Walking in Silence – On the last night everyone was given a candle and was told to go stand around the Freedom Art. At midnight they were going to light the first candle and then light up the Freedom Art from the inside. Sadly, I was unable to go to this because we had to get our sleep for the long ride home. However, one of my favorite times of the week was walking out of my community group in silence. 44,000 people left their groups in complete silence. It was a beautiful moment in which God was able to speak to us in the stillness. As I walked to the car and watched everyone gather I was reminded that God calls us to give more than our voice, but sometimes he calls us to give of our silence.

Anyway, those are my favorite moments of the week! I hope that you enjoyed reading about my time at Passion, and I hope that it encourages you to know that you are a part of something, and that you can indeed make a difference now, for the glory and renown of Jesus!!

In Christ,


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

2 responses to “Top 5 Moments of Passion 2012”

  1. Amy Lynn Wyman says :

    The book of Ephesians had to be my favorite “sermon” ever 🙂

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