Passion Day 4 – Give Us Rest

*The following is an entry from my Travel Journal on 1/5/12*

All of the week is now spent and we are finding our way back to the North. It was an empowering week to say the least. We constructed a giant hand of freedom art, which we prayed around with candles, and lit up for all of Atlanta to see; we raised $2.5 million and inspired a couple to make it $3 million; we worshipped our hearts away and now we are taking turns nodding off as we journey back home. The sun is dying and we are nearly halfway there. I can’t wait to rest and be home. Like the air place I threw over the balcony I long to crash after a glorious ariel display.


Napping in a car is always hard and always seems to leave you half satisfied when you wake up


More license plates found:

Alaska, Wisconsin, Utah, and California

I thought it fitting to entitle this entry ‘Give us Rest’ partially because that is the name of the new David Crowder Album (that is currently #1 on itunes), and partially because all I could think of that day was rest. And it wasn’t a ‘Man, I just want to rest and leave this all behind” but rather, a “Man, I just want to rest in all that God has done.” The ride home left me in a state of reflection. It was just so beautiful not only to make a difference, and to be shaped, but to rest in and reflect on all the things that God did. But not only that, to rest on God in knowing that he will continue to do great things not only through my generation, but the generations to come. Together we can RISE UP, for the glory of Christ! May his name be praised above all names!

Reccommended Passion Songs: 
‘Forever Reign’ by Kristian Stanfill
‘White Flag’ by Chris Tomlin (You’ll have to wait for it to come out)
‘Sometimes’ and ‘Shadows’ by The David Crowder Band


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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