Passion Day 3 – Rise Up

*The following is an entry from my Travel Journal on 1/4/12*

Crayons poke their heads out of their circular container – diverse in so many ways. Above them a bird is trapped beneath the canopy and paper air planes sail from colored row to colored row. Everyone of them is standing as Scripture is read. All of them clap and cheer. Each and every one of them are a part of a difference that is being made – of dollars transforming into a rescuing hand gripping at the sky. 1 Million for 27 million and the lines still stretch on and on and on and on and on. The colors of change are filling the spaces we have left empty. Colors in Array, shaping, transforming, rescuing, and proclaiming the One true hope to those who have somehow escaped us. The name of Jesus Christ.


Last week, on Day 3, I didn’t journal all that much, but I love what I did write (the paragraph above). For some reason it all seems to capture the essence of the day to me. It was all about two things: the renown of Jesus and Freedom through Jesus. We were and are still a part of a difference. In the course of 4 days we raised $3 million to bring hope to the oppressed, broken, forsaken and forgotten of the world. But we didn’t just give, we gave in the name of Jesus. The night before we all stood together singing a song called, ‘With Everything’ by Hillsong United and proclaimed our devotion to our Savior, and this day last week we began putting that into action. We gave for the sacrifice of love – as John Piper would talk about later in the evening. We gave that the name of Jesus might be glorified in all. And the funniest thing of all is that the week never seemed to be about emotion, but rather about inspiration. We weren’t living off of emotion, we were being inspired to make a difference because Jesus had made such a difference in our lives! We were living from our passion: Jesus Christ.

Recommended Passion Music for Today:
‘Center’ by Charlie Hall (Follow him @charliehallband)

 ‘Let me Fell You Shine’ by The David Crowder Band
(Follow them @crowderband  and make sure you get their newest and last album ‘Give us Rest’)

‘A Mighty Fortress’ by Christy Nockels (Follow her @christynockels)

And because I forgot this yesterday: 

‘Set Free’ by Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman
(Follow @christomlin and @matt_redman)

‘With Everything’ by Hillsong United (Follow them @hillsongunited)

‘Our God’ by Chris Tomlin


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I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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