Passion Day 2 – In the Flow

* Below are journal entries from my Travel Journal on 1/3/12 *

4 hours of sleep and I am back at it all over again. 6:45am we left and I tried sleeping most of the car ride. There is talk of snow, in Atlanta of all places. There were flurries last night as we made our way around the city, but so far nothing else has fallen. I just got out of community groups – which in many ways are my favorite part of the conference – and now we are waiting for the stadium to fill up. People flow down the aisles like water droplets slowly making their way into a greater stream. And voices will soon begin their erosion on temporary walls.


I have a friend who lives with the hipster ants below. As I look down from the 3oo level I can see him roam around and busy about his work. His fellow ants rise and fall in unison, like waves in the sea, and seem to have red shields or loads upon them. As they leave, however, the shields are left behind and turn into a giant red ant hill, now unoccupied as the ants move to find food for the colony.


The transformation in this place from morning to night is amazing. By morning the light seeps in from the sun through the canopy to fill the room and by night lasers glow across the airwaves. Currently, I have become one with the ants below and I am amazed at how different everything looks. The people above look like specks of moss clinging to the walls or dim stars sticking to the ceiling. They live beyond the smoke and effects. All has changed and is being experienced anew.


It is amazing how there is a limitation to the people who can fit in here, but not to the voices that can fill the space between these walls.


Early today I gave to end slavery around the world and helped construct a statue to let all of Atlanta know our aim. FREEDOM! Today I helped cry FREEDOM for the broken, oppressed and forgotten.


So I am currently in the flow. A few hours ago I was a few sections back from the epicness and now I am for rows back from center stage. These waters of energy are about to immerse and wash over me and I’m so excited!


Tonight felt like a European soccer game, but so much more. “Wooaoohs” were filling the air and I was right there in the midst of it all. It was amazing and by far the best concert I have ever been to. As the last song played I made my way to the back and stood with my arms out, in the center of it all. Behind me, in front of me, above me, and to both sides movement took place. People were living deep in that moment, and I just stood there till the song ended and watched. It was all so amazing and I was in the flow tonight for sure!


Thousands of people with cellphone strobe lights in a darkened stadium is quite a sight to see.


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

2 responses to “Passion Day 2 – In the Flow”

  1. Evan R says :

    i still can’t believe we were there together in all of that!! aaa… mazing

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