Passion Day 1 – The Army

This journey has led me into a giant stadium misted with green lights. They gaze upon us as they look across the seats. 44,000 people move to fill the empty spaces; 88,000 feet scurry to find a view and each heart prepares for the things God can do here. The sign at registration read, “The wave is growing into a global awakening” and I can feel the tide coming in. There is something here stirring in our hearts. Truth is I never thought I’d be here, but now I am waiting to see all that I become through this experience. Here, in this moment I begin to encounter His presence all over again.


There is just so much to reflect upon tonight and so many observations from my bird’s eye view. Lasers, lights, smoke, and voices all filled the room.At one point each section cried out individually and it sounded like the crowd in gladiator. From the upper deck the speaker looked like a tiny puppet and you could barely tell that people occupied the seats because so few were empty. And those seats that were empty had the illusion of being occupied as the light reflected off of their metal number markers like camera flashes.

From above every thing was unified. In the center people stood together like an army preparing for battle. They had formed their rows and were marching in unison to fight against oppression. I was a part of that army, and to just think that seems crazy to me. At some moments I had to check and make sure that everything was actually happening. It all seemed so unreal to me and I was simply blown away by the mass of intricacies before me: the view, the voices and the vision of what was to come.


The way is being prepared in our hearts tonight. Movement from the old to the new is being discovered all over again. There is just something about this atmosphere that makes me want to soar. There are great discoveries to come here and I am ready for new explorations!

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About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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