Road Trip Packing List

So for today’s post I have decided to compile a list of things to bring with me on my first ever road trip to Atlanta, GA. I’ll be heading down there this Sunday till next Thursday for Passion 2012. Needless to say, I’m quite stoked! Anyway here is my official ‘Road Trip Packing List’:

1. My Poetry Journal: I have  a poem that I’ve been needing to finish for a really long time, hopefully I can complete it on the ride down and back.
2. Audiobooks: Chronicles of Narnia (Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Horse and His Boy, and The Magicians Nephew)
3. Podcasts: Louie Giglio, Relevant Magazine, Craig Groeshel, and a few more I’m trying to find.
4. Gameboy Color: So I just purchased Pokemon Blue and hope to do some serious Pokemon training on the way down to Georgia.
5. Ipod: All the Bright Lights, You Can’t Explain Logic, James Vincent McMorrow, Andrew Belle, Gungor, Hillsong, Watashi Wa, Mae, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkle, Copeland, Death Cab for Cutie, Frank Sinatra, John Mark McMillan, Jenny and Tyler, Josh Garrels, Sufjan Stevens, Bradley Hathaway, the Relevant Magazine Collections, House of Heroes, Anberlin and Underoath … just to name a few. (One song I’m going to be playing a lot is ‘Home’ by The Wealthy West).
6. Sig Water Bottle 
7. Camera: What road trip is good without a camera? I mean for real.
8. Sketch Journal: I figured not only should I take pictures, but maybe I should try sketching some stuff while I’m adventuring.
9. 3D Glasses: I’m not sure why, but its always fun to have 3D Glasses in case of an emergency.
10.Calvin and Hobbes: What adventure is complete without the two greatest adventurers of all time!
11. Tickets to Passion 2012

*I stopped at 11 to keep my 11 in 2011 theme going, but I’m up for more suggestions! Feel free to insert your suggestions in the comment section. Oh and this list is mainly for the ride down and back, I understand I should bring cloths, toiletries and all that too.*

 What else should I bring on my road trip to Atlanta?


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

5 responses to “Road Trip Packing List”

  1. Albert says :

    Breakaway Ministries podcasts, they are a Blessing.

  2. Eric Alagan says :

    Good luck with completing that poem. Happy New Year and all good wishes, Eric

  3. Meg says :

    I’m so jealous…I wish I could go to Passion 2012! Be blessed and drive safe! And by your packing list, I’m fairly sure we’re supposed to be friends…because That’s pretty much exactly what I pack for road trips…or anything. I have a really big purse.

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