Here to There

I want to live, write, feel and think like I used to. Part of me feels as if I am getting there again, but I am obviously not quite there yet. I remember the time when I was there quite vividly.

As I look back I see myself uncovering viewfinders in broken tree bark; trekking barefoot through thorns trying to catch the moon; dropping pennies in the wishing well beneath the penny tree; laying in the middle of the road watching the stars, and then bolting for safety when headlights burst over the mountainside. There are so many memories, that I would need a whole collection of books to write them all down in.

Its not that I want the memories back, or want to relive them, but I long, rather, to create new ones here. To try and regain what was lost would be to miss all the beauty that I’ve discovered here – which overshadows past beauties by far. I want to exist in such a way as to inspire myself, not only in the present, but also, when I am old – when all is lost, but for the memories of who I was. That is my aim in living.

With all I do I want to dedicate myself to the stars, to the rooftops, to the moonlit skies, to the sun’s reflections upon the lake, to adventures and my fellow adventurers. It is there, in those moments, where I am who I was always meant to be: myself. No one, but my Creator, can define me there. It is there where I truly discover, embrace, and create beauty.

‘Here’ is where I begin my journey. ‘There’ is where I am pressing toward.

In what ways do you move from Here to There?


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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