I want to write something profound, but I cannot always inspire.

I want to project my thoughts like holograms,
but I can’t always bring my words to life.

I want to start a movement, but I fail to find movement within myself.

Often times, my life is all about plans. In my mind I can see the future. Everything I hope for rests in the forefront of my mind: my future wife, kids, jobs, adventures, and dreams. I watch them like movies projected on the walls of my mind and it is all so beautiful. Every detail is worked out, and nothing is wrong. I have plans for proposals, plans for names, plans for adventures and plans for the tiniest of dreams. There I always say the rights things and others always say the right things back.

The only problem is they are all illusions; they are nothing but fragments of hopeful thoughts.

Sometimes I forget this and I spend some much time perfecting them that I miss reality. I often speak as the future me would speak, and live as the future me would live, and in a colorful charade I cease to live altogether. To easily I am caught up into a realm of non-existance. Bright colors, vibrant thoughts, psychedelic dreams, all float like ghosts before me. I cannot ever grasp them. They look so beautiful, but I can never hold them, for they do not exist, yet.

I can hope for them, but I cannot rely on them – as I so often try to do. There is an earth beneath my feet, there is a family before my eyes, there are friends within the sound of my voice, and there are present thoughts to be written down. These things cannot be neglected for the sake of what I hope for. Today I have forgotten that. I have been fighting for what I want instead of what I have. I keep getting ahead of myself and keep missing the beauty of the life that is sprouting from this hollow land.

I long to see acorns grow into mighty oak trees, but for the moment I will learn to be inspired by its growth. For the moment I will remember what it means to live, and I will hold onto what is real. I will be here, right now, and not miss a beat.

What do you think are some helpful ways to live in the moment?


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

4 responses to “Projections”

  1. Meg says :

    Gosh…I totally relate with this. I had a conversation with my mom just today that said something really similar. It’s hard to focus on the now when we’re at this weird in between age of not young but not old. We’re at that stage where something is happening all the time, but most of the time it’s just us wondering ‘What’s next?’

    It can get a little frustrating for me if I’m not careful because I get impatient, but Jesus has been really strongly laying on my heart lately to rediscover him. All these dreams and desires I have came from him originally, and he’s asking me to seek him again and trust him to give them to me like he promised. I’ve found that the more deliberately I seek him day-by-day, especially when I feel myself getting lost in the dreams and wants for the future, the better I’m able to focus on the now and let him work through me in the moment.

    I made up my own devotional of going through the word and finding traits of his, physical and personal and all his different names. As I was looking for those, I realized for every name he has, he has a name he gives us that matches us together, like with King of Kings, he calls us his Treasured Ones. For Father, he calls us his Children. Stuff like that.

    Sorry, I know this is a long comment, but I’ve been thinking about this stuff a LOT lately. Anyway, have an awesome holiday 🙂

    • thestorymovement says :

      I’m glad this post was relatable for you! I feel like we all go through this a lot, especially at this age, but God will lead us and direct us in all we do!! Keep heart! And I hope you had a cool Christmas too.

      In Christ,

  2. Amy Lynn Wyman says :

    I feel like I always do this; I’m always day dreaming and in doing so neglecting the now. I guess it’s mainly because my now is really hard and my “future” feels so easy because I’m magically past all the obstacles that are presently keeping me from living my dreams. I’ve started to realize that when I face the now problems with prayer, planning and creativity, God starts revealing to me bit by bit a future that’s better than my imagined one. And He’s shown me that when I’m day dreaming all the time I’m neglecting the people He wants me to love right then. It helps me a lot to work on my now relationships and keep in mind that people will always be more important than my plans or projects.

    • thestorymovement says :

      I like how you put that at the end “people will always be more important than my plans or projects” … That is the hardest perspective to have because we so easily fit people into our plans and projects, and its hard not to turn them into a plan or project… Good thoughts!

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