Shattered Reflections

All expression is a cracked mirror.

The other day I was looking at the clouds and I remarked, “Those clouds look like paint stokes sailing across the sky.” For the first moment or two this seemed profound, but in the next I realized I was wrong. The clouds do not look like paint strokes, but rather, paint strokes look like clouds. Paint is a cracked mirror through which we interpret the world and so are all other means of expression.

We use the things we create to try to mirror the things that we see:

Paint is used to trace the evening clouds.
Words are used to convey the depths of the Sea.
Musical notes are used to bottle the sounds of the brook.
Planes attempt to fly the course of the eagle. 
Cars seek to match the pace of the cheetah. 
Rockets desire to live among the stars. 
Homes are modeled after the shelters occupied before us.  

Everything we create is a broken reflection. Everything we design, do, and think is pulled from a divine mosaic. It is all a shattered reflection of a picture we did not create ourselves.

Solomon once said, “There is nothing new under the Sun,” but maybe he didn’t mean that nothing new would be created. Maybe he meant, rather, that all that comes about would simply be a second-hand mirror of things that have passed before us. Our expressions do not stand on their own. They stand only upon an inspiration that germinated their existence. All our pictures, paintings, words, structures, and thoughts are pull from a greater source that keeps all our expressions in motion. All we give forth to the world is a blurry reflection of true beauty; a cracked mirror that speaks of true hope.

* I’ve often tried to capture each moment perfectly only to discover that it is impossible. Nothing I do can perfectly – or remotely – contain anything that my eyes see, but that does not mean I stop reflecting what I see. Our broken expressions are able to point others to the purity of what we attempted to reflect. They point from our brokenness to His holiness. 

What is something you wish you could reflect perfectly?


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

6 responses to “Shattered Reflections”

  1. Meg says :

    Random comment from a stranger time! This is wonderful, and I’m totally with you. I often observe the awesome creativity of God and realize comparing it to anything I know is completely inadequate. As a writer and an artist (or at least attempted writer and artist), I’ve always found it to be such a beautiful gift that my Creator Dad would share his talent for creating with a wanderer like me. He never ceases to surprise me and blow my mind with his masterpieces. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it refreshed me. 🙂

    • thestorymovement says :

      Thanks for the comment. I find it fascinating to see how our attempts to capture a moment are so few and far between and yet to use they seem so beautiful and inspiring. That only goes to show the true beauty and awe of all that God himself has put before us! I love the fact that we were created in the image of a creator and that he desires for us to create as well… I’m glad these words were refreshing to you!

      In Christ,

      P.S. If you ever want to submit a guest post or anything I’d love to maybe have it up on my site if it fits and all…

  2. Meg says :

    Amen! And thanks for the offer. I’ll think on it and see if I can ever come up with a thought that isn’t long enough to be a novel. I don’t know if you’ve seen my blog, but I tend to be long winded… I’m working on trying to condense myself. Haha…Anyway, blessings, and keep up the good work here!

    • thestorymovement says :

      Yeah anytime, maybe this is a good challenge for you to condense your work then… I think it would be cool. I looked at your site a bit, but didn’t get to read a whole lot, I’ll try to check more out later… peace.

      In Christ,

  3. Meg says :

    So, if I come up with something to share…if… How might I contact you about it, sir?

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