A Spectrum of Light

There is color in this black and white screen. Beneath these charcoal faces lay a spectrum of light – a sequence of color – that lives beyond the borders of reality. It is not clear, or easily seen, but it is buried beneath lively performances and active props. It is fused – woven with a similar thread – into timeless stories of love, hope, and beauty; heartfelt stories of war, hate, and despair.

Every so often, with the opening of a door or the shake of a hand, it will flash across the screen. It will jump before our eyes like the burn mark from a projector reel, but instead of speaking about the past, it will predict the future. It will tell of things to come; things not yet seen or understood. For an instant we will see the world in color. We will see beyond our range of sight into a reality that is yet to be reality. The hue of all things will change, and for a split second we will change with it.

* I wrote this after I had watched ‘Its a Wonderful Life’. As I watching it I saw a rainbow in the pixels of my screen, and began to wonder, “What if the world were black and white? What if we lived in old movies without color? And while we lived there, what if there were moments where color found its way into our eyes, even if for just a split second?” This seemed like such a profound thought to me, so I had to write about it …

If you lived in a world of black and white what object or thing would you wish would turn to color?


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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