The Invisible Artist

I was told once that it is best to remain invisible; that, in the things I do, it is best to remain unseen.  The person behind a creation is not important. The creations themselves and the directions they lead people – the stories they tell – are what truly matter.  We misappropriate ourselves too often. For us to create is to be recognized; to live a dream is to be seen. But isn’t our art much more important then ourselves? Aren’t our passions and talents made clearer without us getting in the way? A painting can never be understood or appreciated while the painter stands right in front of it; a poem can never inspire while the poet talks over top of it; a dream can never be passed on while the dreamer tries to keep them self fused to the dream moving ahead.

Creative Movement is about more than cause of the movement. We cannot only remember the cause and neglect the effect, for this would be as if we never had created at all. If all we say is, “I am the painter/poet/dreamer /creator” and never point out the intricacies of the created, we fail to be artists at all. If we only point to our ability to create and never to the depths of what our abilities produced we will never inspire. This is a trap we so often get caught up in. We find ourselves wondering, “How many people have read this? How many people like my writing? How many people think I am a skilled painter? How many people think my dream is worth dreaming?” And while it isn’t bad to ask these questions, we cannot ask these questions alone.

Here are some new questions we should begin to ask: 

– “What do others see in this art?”
– “What message is getting across from this?”
– “Who is being inspired by this and how?”
– “Who else has a dream like this? How can I partner with them?”
– “How can I better inspire others?”
– “How is this creation helping people?”
– “What story is this trying to tell? Is it an important story?”
– “How can I become invisible in my art?”
– “Do people see only the canvas, page, or inspiration?”
– “Am I in the way?”

May we all tell stories that inspire others to tell stories that inspire. May we get lost behind the art and its message. May we tell stories that matter and remember that the one true objective of our art is to bring glory to the Original Creator – YHWH.


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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