Easing out of Silence

Cars spin on wheels down mountain slopes. Through foggy chasms and wooded terrain they fly from the height of the world to its depth. Along the spine of the ridge they move like fireflies chasing each other in the night. Dense clouds hide the stars and the sun has not yet risen. All that is light comes from their eyes gazing through the misty forest. New mysteries are to be discovered; new worlds are to be revealed. From one precipice to another they search out the early morning. They peer into its soul as if holding up a lens to magnify their examination. All that is to be will soon be revealed.

It cannot, however, be revealed in an instant. Discovery is more of a progression than it is a instant flash of revelation. Discovery is a dimmer switch: an easing from darkness to exposure. Automobiles will probe the black for hours before true discovery is made known. For a time they will see only what is before them: tree trunks, yellow lines, road signs, and houses half eaten by the shadows. But then, in a moment least expected, they will see what is surrounding them. They will see – as the dimmer unveils the world – vast landscapes, housing communities, winding roadways, intersections, and a sea of movement overhead.

Despite their attempts to lasso the sun, or to spin the earth and catch the horizon, the unearthing of the morning will come as it will. Their wheels will not determine its appearance; their engines will not power its arrival. It will come as it will. Discovery will always come easing out of silence, and all must wait – for a moment, or two, or three – for it to make its entrance into reality.


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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