Tonight, my mind has been wandering with the hands of the clock – round and round with the hour. As the night moves along I find my mind dwelling in a land of mystery with thoughts that make little or no sense. Thoughts like: “Can an illusion ever become a reality?”  After which, I sit back and reply, to myself, “I’m not quite sure.”

Here the questions take deeper forms: “Suppose that our free will is merely an illusion. Suppose every choice we make is predetermined, such as the words I write and the way that I write them. Our perception of these predestined choices, however, is that they are a reality of free will: ‘Should I write with black ink or blue ink?’ There is never a moment where we just stop and God chooses the ink color for us. However, if our choices are predetermined than what we see as reality is, in fact, an illusion.”

Now things start getting dicy, “So, if my realities of choice (my words and ink color) are in fact an illusion, can they ever actually become reality? Is it possible that my perception of them as reality can make them, though they are an illusion, reality? As far as reason goes this may or may not make sense, but is it beyond God to predetermine something while giving us the freedom to choose it? Reason is the way we as humans try to make sense of the world, but isn’t God beyond such attempts and reasoning? So, I ask again: Can an illusion ever become a reality?”

In this moment I sit for a while stare into the night. Then, as the hands of the clock circle once again, I give my response, “Very possibly, but it is still at its heart an illusion. At their core, all things point to the sovereignty of God and the beauty of his design. May we recognize this in all our choices, whether in the words we write or the color in which we write them.”

Sometimes its beautiful just to ponder.


About Jeremiah Dowling

I write poetry and take crazy pictures in an Orange Chair all over the United States while reading amazing books.

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